Deployment types

StorageOS may be deployed in compute only mode, which allows applications running on nodes with no storage to consume storage from other nodes.

To deploy StorageOS on a node with no storage, specify the label

docker run -d --name storageos \
      -e HOSTNAME \
      -e JOIN= \
      -e LABELS='' \
      --net=host \
      --pid=host \
      --privileged \
      --cap-add SYS_ADMIN \
      --device /dev/fuse \
      -v /var/lib/storageos:/var/lib/storageos:rshared \
      -v /sys:/sys \
      -v /run/docker/plugins:/run/docker/plugins \
      storageos/node:1.0.0-rc3 server

The deployment types computeonly and mixed are supported, with mixed being the default mode where storage and compute reside on the same node, also known as hyperconverged.