Device presentation

StorageOS requires one of two runtime requirements to present virtual block devices from userspace. While not mandatory, the NBD aproach does offer significantly better performance over the loop-device alternative.

Network Block Device

NBD (Network Block Device) is a Linux kernel module, available on many distributions, that allows block devices to be run in userspace. It is not a requirement for StorageOS to run, but improves performance significantly and will be used in preference if available. To enable the module and increase the number of allowable devices, run:

sudo modprobe nbd nbds_max=1024

To ensure the NBD module is loaded on reboot:

  1. Add the following line to /etc/modules

  2. Add the following module configuration lines in /etc/modprobe.d/nbd.conf

     options nbd nbds_max=1024
     options nbd max_part=15

Your distribution may set different defaults for the provided parameters. For StorageOS to run correctly, our values must be used in their place.

Loopback driver (fallback)

The loopback driver is a Linux kernel feature, which allows creation of a block device whose files map to the bocks of a regular file. This kernel feature is a runtime requirement in the absence of the NBD kernel module.

While this feature is enabled by default on most systems, StorageOS does require some specific parameters to be set. To configure these, add the following configuration line in /etc/modprobe.d/loop.conf

options loop max_loop=1024