Volume Placement

Master volume placement can be influenced when the volume created by specifying the requested master node name in the storageos.com/hint.master label. When possible, the scheduler will place the master volume on this node. If this is not possible, perhaps due insufficient capacity on the requested node, the scheduler evaluate remaining nodes and place the volume elsewhere.

The Docker Volume Plugin will set storageos.com/hint.master to the node requesting the volume, so that by default the master will be on the same node as the container that creates it.

Get a list of StorageOS nodes

Get a list of available nodes:

$ storageos node ls -q

Create a volume with master on a specific node

Set the storageos.com/hint.master label to the requested node:

storageos volume create --namespace default --label storageos.com/hint.master=storageos-3 volume-name

or the Docker CLI:

$ docker volume create --driver storageos --opt size=15 --opt storageos.com/hint.master=storageos-3 volume-name