Glossary of terms

StorageOS term Meaning
ConfigFS An interpreted configuration representing desired state
Control Plane StorageOS component responsible for managing configuration, rules engine, provisioning and recovery processes
Data Plane StorageOS component that processes all data access requests and pools the aggregated storage for presentation to clients
Dedupe Abbreviated term for deduplicate or deduplication
Container Install Container-based installation method pre Docker 1.13
StorageOS Node A unit within a cluster running the StorageOS software responsible for aggregating and serving out storage to clients
Node Discovery Serf is used for decentralised node discovery to detect and notify node failures to the remaining cluster nodes using Gossip
REST Representational State Transfer (sometimes referred to as ReST) is a means of providing interoperability between computer systems on the Internet. RESTful is typically used to refer to web services implementing such an architecture
StorageOS Container StorageOS instance running the control plane and data plane
StorageOS cluster A cluster with StorageOS-managed storage, via installing the software on each node