$ storageos cluster

Usage:	storageos cluster COMMAND

Manage clusters

  cluster, c

      --help   Print usage

  connectivity Display connectivity diagnostics for the cluster
  create       Creates a cluster initialization token.
  health       Displays the cluster's health.
  inspect      Display detailed information on one or more cluster
  maintenance  Enable|disable maintenance mode for the cluster
  rm           Remove one or more clusters

Run 'storageos cluster COMMAND --help' for more information on a command.

storageos cluster connectivity

To check the connectivity of the cluster

$ storageos cluster connectivity
SOURCE                NAME                           ADDRESS           LATENCY     STATUS  MESSAGE
storageos-nodes2  storageos-nodes1.api  1.085151ms  OK      
storageos-nodes2  storageos-nodes1.directfs  1.09232ms   OK      
storageos-nodes2  storageos-nodes1.etcd  1.142334ms  OK      
storageos-nodes2  storageos-nodes1.nats  1.172353ms  OK      
storageos-nodes2  storageos-nodes1.serf  1.11125ms   OK      
storageos-nodes2  storageos-nodes2.api  1.204403ms  OK      
storageos-nodes2  storageos-nodes2.directfs  1.134408ms  OK      
storageos-nodes2  storageos-nodes2.etcd  1.115885ms  OK      
storageos-nodes2  storageos-nodes2.nats  1.201178ms  OK      
storageos-nodes2  storageos-nodes2.serf  1.111379ms  OK      
storageos-nodes2  storageos-nodes3.api  1.143731ms  OK      
storageos-nodes2  storageos-nodes3.directfs  1.149442ms  OK      
storageos-nodes2  storageos-nodes3.etcd  1.083065ms  OK      
storageos-nodes2  storageos-nodes3.nats  1.090467ms  OK      
storageos-nodes2  storageos-nodes3.serf  1.158129ms  OK      
storageos-nodes3  storageos-nodes1.api  1.145954ms  OK      
storageos-nodes3  storageos-nodes1.directfs  1.114514ms  OK      
storageos-nodes3  storageos-nodes1.etcd  1.214016ms  OK      
storageos-nodes3  storageos-nodes1.nats  1.093753ms  OK      
storageos-nodes3  storageos-nodes1.serf  1.076079ms  OK      
storageos-nodes3  storageos-nodes2.api  1.206116ms  OK      
storageos-nodes3  storageos-nodes2.directfs  1.077688ms  OK      
storageos-nodes3  storageos-nodes2.etcd  1.079419ms  OK      
storageos-nodes3  storageos-nodes2.nats  1.090791ms  OK      
storageos-nodes3  storageos-nodes2.serf  1.15946ms   OK      
storageos-nodes3  storageos-nodes3.api  1.098104ms  OK      
storageos-nodes3  storageos-nodes3.directfs  1.154387ms  OK      
storageos-nodes3  storageos-nodes3.etcd  1.147184ms  OK      
storageos-nodes3  storageos-nodes3.nats  1.168365ms  OK      
storageos-nodes3  storageos-nodes3.serf  1.10147ms   OK      
storageos-nodes1  storageos-nodes1.api  1.141353ms  OK      
storageos-nodes1  storageos-nodes1.directfs  1.10065ms   OK      
storageos-nodes1  storageos-nodes1.etcd  1.143535ms  OK      
storageos-nodes1  storageos-nodes1.nats  1.142812ms  OK      
storageos-nodes1  storageos-nodes1.serf  1.125368ms  OK      
storageos-nodes1  storageos-nodes2.api  1.126621ms  OK      
storageos-nodes1  storageos-nodes2.directfs  1.114407ms  OK      
storageos-nodes1  storageos-nodes2.etcd  1.192261ms  OK      
storageos-nodes1  storageos-nodes2.nats  1.075251ms  OK      
storageos-nodes1  storageos-nodes2.serf  1.191951ms  OK      
storageos-nodes1  storageos-nodes3.api  1.080853ms  OK      
storageos-nodes1  storageos-nodes3.directfs  1.084045ms  OK      
storageos-nodes1  storageos-nodes3.etcd  1.117382ms  OK      
storageos-nodes1  storageos-nodes3.nats  1.15015ms   OK      
storageos-nodes1  storageos-nodes3.serf  1.075519ms  OK

storageos cluster create

To create a cluster token for cluster discovery:

$ storageos cluster create

storageos cluster health

To view the status of cluster nodes:

$ storageos cluster health
storageos-1  Healthy    Healthy
storageos-2  Healthy    Healthy
storageos-3  Healthy    Healthy

To view the status in more detail there are additional format options which can be given to the --format flag:

  • cp shows the status of control plane components
  • dp shows the status of data plane components
  • detailed shows the status of control plane and data plane components

All the normal format options are available too. Run storageos cluster health --format help to see all the options for this command.

storageos cluster inspect

To inspect a cluster:

$ storageos cluster inspect 207f0026-3844-40e0-884b-729d79c124b8
        "id": "207f0026-3844-40e0-884b-729d79c124b8",
        "size": 3,
        "createdAt": "2017-07-14T13:17:29.226058526Z",
        "updatedAt": "2017-07-14T13:17:29.22605861Z"

storageos cluster maintenance inspect

To view the maintenance status of a cluster:

$ storageos cluster maintenance inspect
        "enabled": false,
        "updatedBy": "",
        "updatedAt": "0001-01-01T00:00:00Z"

storageos cluster rm

To remove a cluster:

storageos cluster rm 207f0026-3844-40e0-884b-729d79c124b8