A newly installed StorageOS cluster does not include a licence. A cluster can run unlicensed for 24 hours. After that, new operations such as volume provisioning or adding nodes are not permitted. Normal functioning of the cluster can be unlocked by applying for a Free Developer licence.

Obtaining a Developer licence via the GUI

You will need access to the StorageOS GUI on port 5705 of any of your nodes. For convenience, it is often easiest to port forward the service using the following kubectl incantation (this will block, so a second terminal window may be advisable):

$ kubectl port-forward -n kube-system svc/storageos 5705

As an alternative, an Ingress controller may be preferred.

Once you have obtained access to the GUI, login using whatever credentials you used to create the cluster.

You can obtain and apply a free Developer licence in the StorageOS web GUI by creating or logging in with a StorageOS account on the StorageOS portal via the licence page of the GUI:

Licence Login

Wait a few seconds for the licence generation process to complete, at which point your licence will be visible.

Developer Licence

Applying a previously obtained licence via the GUI

Commercial licences are delivered through contact with the StorageOS team. To apply such keys, via the web GUI, visit the licence section of the GUI and click on the tab “Upgrade”, for the specific licence level you purchased. Then paste the licence key and click on “UPLOAD KEY TO CLUSTER”. Note that you can also view your cluster ID on the same page.

Apply Licence Key

Applying a licence via the CLI

Before getting a licence, you need to know the ID of your StorageOS cluster.

This CLI command can print the cluster ID:

$ storageos get cluster
ID:               704dd165-9580-4da4-a554-0acb96d328cb
  expiration:     2021-03-25T13:48:46Z (1 year from now)
  capacity:       5.0 TiB
  kind:           professional
  customer name:  storageos
Created at:       2020-03-25T13:48:33Z (1 hour ago)
Updated at:       2020-03-25T13:48:46Z (1 hour ago)

Given the Cluster ID, the StorageOS team can generate a licence. Once, given the key, you can apply the licence by using the following command.

$ echo PASTE-THE-LICENCE-KEY-HERE | storageos apply licence --from-stdin

Read the licence CLI command reference for further information.

Obtaining an Enterprise licence

Please contact [email protected] to discuss pricing for commercial licences.