A StorageOS node is any machine (virtual or physical) that is running the StorageOS daemonset pod. A node must be running a daemonset pod in order to consume and/or present storage.

By default StorageOS nodes run in hyperconverged mode. This means that the node hosts data from StorageOS volumes and can present volumes to applications.

Alternatively, a node can run in computeonly mode, which means no storage is consumed on the node itself and the node only presents volumes hosted by other nodes. Volumes presented to applications running on compute only nodes are therefore all remote. Compute only nodes can be very useful for topologies where nodes are ephemeral and should not host data, but the ephemeral nodes host applications that require StorageOS volumes. The nodes that are not intended to hold data, but just to present StorageOS volumes, can be set as computeonly.

A node can be marked as compute only at any point in time by adding the label, following the labels reference.