StorageOS Documentation

This documentation is aimed at architects, engineers, developers, sysadmins and anybody who wants to understand how to use StorageOS. It assumes some knowledge of Docker containers and container orchestrators.

Current Version

The current StorageOS version is 1.5.2


Our documentation is arranged into sections, accessible from the navigation bar on the left.

Introduction - Quickstart and support information.

Concepts - Architectural and deep technical information.

Prerequisites - We require certain prerequisites to be met for the product to function correctly. Please read these carefully and ensure they are implemented.

Platforms - Due to differences in the various orchestrators that StorageOS can run under, we list install guides and other platform specific operations here.

Operations - Platform agnostic operations.

Use Cases - A set of examples to get up and running with StorageOS quickly.

Reference - Information on our GUI, CLI, and other important information.