Command line interface

The storageos command line interface (CLI) is used to manage cluster-wide configuration.


# linux/amd64
curl -sSLo storageos{{ site.latest_cli_version }}/storageos_linux_amd64 && chmod +x storageos && sudo mv storageos /usr/local/bin/
curl -sSLo storageos{{ site.latest_cli_version }}/storageos_darwin_amd64 && chmod +x storageos && sudo mv storageos /usr/local/bin/

You will need to provide the correct credentials to connect to the API. The default installation creates a single user with username storageos and password storageos:




$ storageos

Usage:	storageos COMMAND

Converged storage for containers.

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      --config string      Location of client config files (default "/home/$USER/.storageos")
  -D, --debug              Enable debug mode
  -d, --discovery string   The discovery endpoint. Defaults to (will override STORAGEOS_DISCOVERY env variable value)
      --help               Print usage
  -H, --host string        Node endpoint(s) to connect to (will override STORAGEOS_HOST env variable value)
  -p, --password string    API password (will override STORAGEOS_PASSWORD env variable value)
  -u, --username string    API username (will override STORAGEOS_USERNAME env variable value)
  -v, --version            Print version information and quit

Management Commands:
  cluster                 Manage clusters
  licence                 Manage the licence
  logs                    View and manage node logs on the active cluster
  namespace               Manage namespaces
  node                    Manage nodes
  policy                  Manage policies
  pool                    Manage capacity pools
  rule                    Manage rules
  user                    Manage users
  volume                  Manage volumes

  install-bash-completion Install bash completion for the storageos cli
  login                   Store login credentials for a given storageos host
  logout                  Delete stored login credentials for a given storageos host
  version                 Show the StorageOS version information

Run 'storageos COMMAND --help' for more information on a command.

Formatting CLI Output

StorageOS CLI output can be formatted using the --format option. The strings that are passed to --format are based on Go templates.

StorageOS CLI v1.2.0 added help for the --format option. The help can be accessed by passing --format help to StorageOS CLI commands to get context specific help.

$ storageos volume ls --format help


Command Subcommand Description
cluster create health inspect rm Cluster information.
licence apply inspect rm Manage licences
logs view View and manage node logs.
namespace create inspect ls rm update Namespaces help different projects or teams organize volumes.
node cordon drain health inspect ls uncordon undrain update Node information.
policy create inspect ls rm Define how resources are accessed by users and groups.
pool create inspect ls rm A collection of storage resources for provisioning volumes.
rule create inspect ls rm update Rules define label-based policies to apply to volumes.
user create inspect ls rm update User and group management.
volume create inspect ls rm update StorageOS data volumes.

Source is available on Github.