How to ask for StorageOS support.

When you need support, please raise a ticket via our Help Desk portal. It is important to select the priority of your ticket in accordance with the severity:

  • Severity 1 - Urgent
  • Severity 2 - High
  • Severity 3 - Medium
  • Severity 4 - Low

This helps us route and prioritise the ticket accordingly. You can find definitions of our support severity levels on our website.

Responses to tickets will be cc’d via email.

For personal support and general enquiries, please join our public Slack channel.

Information to include in tickets

To help us provide effective support, we request that you provide as much information as possible when contacting us. The list below is a suggested starting point. Additionally, please include anything specific, such as log entries, that may help us debug your issue.


  • Cloud provider/Bare metal
  • OS distribution and version
  • Kernel version
  • docker version and installation procedure (distro packages or docker install)


  • Version of StorageOS
  • storageos get nodes
  • storageos get volumes
  • storageos describe volume VOL_ID # in case of issues with a specific volume
  • Version and installation method
  • Managed or self managed?
  • kubectl -n kube-system get pod
  • kubectl -n kube-system logs -lapp=storageos -c storageos
  • kubectl -n kube-system get storageclass
  • Specific for your namespaces: kubectl describe pvc PVC_NAME
  • Specific for your namespaces: kubectl describe pod POD_NAME

Environment Changes

  • Details of any recent changes to your environment such as planned maintenance, node reboots, network failures, etcd outage, etc.. This can help speed up ticket triage and resolution considerably

StorageOS Support Bundle

StorageOS provides the ability to generate a support bundle that aggregates cluster information. See Support Bundle for a list of what is included.

StorageOS engineers might ask for a support bundle to be generated during support cases.

The information in the bundle is used only for support purposes, and will be removed once it is no longer needed. If the information is sensitive and can’t be given to StorageOS, please make sure that the support engineers have as much information about your environment as possible.

Refer to the Support Bundle documentation page for details of how to generate a bundle.