$ storageos help
Storage for Cloud Native Applications.

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  storageos [command]

Available Commands:
  apply       Make changes to existing resources
  attach      Attach a volume to a node
  create      Create new resources
  delete      Delete resources in the cluster
  describe    Fetch extended details for resources
  detach      Detach a volume from its current location
  get         Fetch basic details for resources
  help        Help about any command
  version     View version information for the StorageOS CLI

      --endpoints stringArray   set the list of endpoints which are used when connecting to the StorageOS API (default [http://localhost:5705])
  -h, --help                    help for storageos
  -n, --namespace string        specifies the namespace to operate within for commands that require one (default "default")
  -o, --output string           specifies the output format (one of [json yaml text]) (default "text")
      --password string         set the StorageOS account password to authenticate with (default "storageos")
      --timeout duration        set the timeout duration to use for execution of the command (default 5s)
      --use-ids                 specify existing StorageOS resources by their unique identifiers instead of by their names
      --username string         set the StorageOS account username to authenticate as (default "storageos")

Additional help topics:
  storageos env       View documentation for configuration settings which can be set in the environment
  storageos exitcodes View documentation for the exit codes used by the StorageOS CLI

Use "storageos [command] --help" for more information about a command.