Volume Resize

StorageOS supports offline resize of volumes through editing a PVC storage request, or by updating the volume config via the CLI or UI. Please note that StorageOS only supports increasing volume size. For more information about how the resize works please see our Resize concepts page.

Resizing a Volume

In order to resize a PVC the storage request field must be updated.

apiVersion: v1
kind: PersistentVolumeClaim
  name: pvc-1
  storageClassName: fast
    - ReadWriteOnce
      storage: 5Gi

In order to edit a PVC you can use kubectl edit or kubectl apply to make changes.

N.B. Resizing a volume without updating the PVC directly will NOT result in the PVC being updated. The methods below are included for completeness, in Kubernetes environments editing the PVC is the preferred method for resizing a volume.

To resize a volume using the StorageOS CLI use the volume update command

$ storageos update volume size pvc-a47cfa03-cc92-4ec9-84ab-00e5516c64fa 10GiB
Name:                                 pvc-a47cfa03-cc92-4ec9-84ab-00e5516c64fa
ID:                                   925e667f-91d3-465a-9391-8fdb56d0c9ff
Size:                                 11 GB
Replicas:                             1x ready
  - csi.storage.k8s.io/pv/name        pvc-a47cfa03-cc92-4ec9-84ab-00e5516c64fa
  - csi.storage.k8s.io/pvc/name       pvc-1
  - csi.storage.k8s.io/pvc/namespace  default
  - foo                               bar
  - pool                              default
  - storageos.com/replicas            1

Volume pvc-a47cfa03-cc92-4ec9-84ab-00e5516c64fa (925e667f-91d3-465a-9391-8fdb56d0c9ff) updated. Size changed.

To resize a volume using the StorageOS UI, navigate to the volumes section and click the edit pencil in order to update the volume config.

StorageOS Resize