A cluster requires a licence to be issued within the first 24 hours.

A newly installed StorageOS cluster does not include a licence. A cluster can run unlicensed for 24 hours. After that, new operations such as volume provisioning or adding nodes are not permitted. Normal functioning of the cluster can be unlocked by applying a Free Personal licence.

To learn how to apply a licence to your cluster, check the operations licensing page.

Free Personal licence

The personal licence only requires the user to register and issue a licence through StorageOS.

The personal licence is free and grants a licence for a 3 node StorageOS cluster with 1TiB of provisioned capacity. It is designed to enable basic cloud native workflows in Kubernetes that require the persistence of stateful application data. Dynamic provisioning, distributed access to data and high availability of volumes through synchronous replication and automatic failover are some of the features that are available under the personal licence.

Commercial licences

For information on our commercial offerings, including support, please contact [email protected].

Note about capacity limits

Some StorageOS licences have limits on capacity. StorageOS allows provisioning volumes until the limit of the licence is reached. Only the size of the volume requested by the Persistent Volume Claim counts for the licence limit, regardless whether of whether the volume has replication enabled.

Once the licence limit is reached, new volumes are not able to provision unless provisioned capacity is released, i.e deleting volumes. That behaviour is not tied to the capacity of the backend disks on your nodes.