The following table lists the configurable spec parameters of the StorageOSCluster custom resource and their default values.

Parameter Description Default
csi.deploymentStrategy CSI helper deployment strategy (statefulset or deployment) statefulset
csi.enable Enable CSI setup false
csi.enableControllerPublishCreds Enable CSI controller publish credentials false
csi.enableNodePublishCreds Enable CSI node publish credentials false
csi.enableProvisionCreds Enable CSI provision credentials false
debug Enable debug mode for all the cluster nodes false
disableFencing Disable Pod fencing false
disableTCMU Disable TCMU to allow co-existence with other TCMU users. Disabling TCMU degrades performance false
disableTelemetry Disable telemetry reports false
forceTCMU Forces TCMU to be enabled or causes StorageOS to abort startup false
images.csiClusterDriverRegistrarContainer CSI Cluster Driver Registrar Container image
images.csiExternalAttacherContainer CSI External Attacher Container image
images.csiExternalProvisionerContainer CSI External Provisioner Container image storageos/csi-provisioner:v1.0.1
ìmages.csiLivenessProbeContainer CSI Liveness Probe Container Image
images.csiNodeDriverRegistrarContainer CSI Node Driver Registrar Container image
images.initContainer StorageOS init container image storageos/init:1.0.0
images.nodeContainer StorageOS node container image storageos/node:1.4.0
ingress.annotations Annotations of the ingress used by the cluster  
ingress.enable Enable ingress for the cluster false
ingress.hostname Hostname to be used in cluster ingress storageos.local
ingress.tls Enable TLS for the ingress false
k8sDistro The name of the Kubernetes distribution is use, e.g. rancher or eks  
kvBackend.address Comma-separated list of addresses of external key-value store. (,  
kvBackend.backend Name of the key-value store to use. Set to etcd for external key-value store. embedded
namespace Namespace where storageos cluster resources are created storageos
nodeSelectorTerms Set node selector for storageos pod placement  
pause Pause the operator for cluster maintenance false
resources Set resource requirements for the containers  
secretRefName Reference name of storageos secret  
secretRefNamespace Namespace of storageos secret  
service.annotations Annotations of the Service used by the cluster  
service.externalPort External port of the Service used by the cluster 5705
service.internalPort Internal port of the Service used by the cluster 5705 Name of the Service used by the cluster storageos
service.type Type of the Service used by the cluster ClusterIP
sharedDir Path to be shared with kubelet container when deployed as a pod /var/lib/kubelet/plugins/
tlsEtcdSecretRefName Secret containing etcd client certificates  
tlsEtcdSecretRefNamespace Namespace of the tlsEtcdSecretRefName  
tolerations Set pod tolerations for storageos pod placement